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the bean distributor

A few years ago, as I was trying to get the attention of a very pretty Montreal blogger, I started my own blog. Her blog was about brunch so I decided to make mine about coffee shops. At that time, I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I couldn’t tell between beans and i was still impressed by latte art. A few month passed, my blog had some success and the name was known in the coffee world. I realized that I needed more knowledge about coffee because I was leaving people disappointed with my lack of expertise. They expected a super obsessed coffee person behind the super coffee oriented blog and here I was only interested in meeting a girl.


Three years have passed now, I have learned a lot about the industry, the roasters, the grinders, the machines , the beans and everything else. I drink coffee and I can enjoy better coffee. I still believe in coffee shops as social spaces more than coffee labs but I can appreciate the science behind it all.


I run a digital agency and I’m currently focused on a client who sales t-shirts. Our job is to improve the checkout process, the client acquisition cost and the production logistics by using better technology. By designing a better interaction, we are solving many issues they had been having throughout the years. The lack of innovation in the past two years has cost them a lot and the CEO realized something had to be done. It was about time!


I’m sitting at seat 24A on a flight to Copenhagen thinking about all this and what’s next and it hit me. Now that you know what’s on my mind most of the time, you’ll understand better where the idea comes from.


Here’s a breakdown of my thinking.


1. Cities have coffee shops and coffee shops try to have unique beans from different roasters.
2. People buy beans to make coffee at home and they don’t always have time to go get better beans so end up buying the cheap stuff from grocery stores.
3. Better beans are being distributed in cities through the coffee shops but don’t always reach the shelves of people’s houses.
4. A website showing the beans available in your city and where to try them before ordering them could increase the number of people buying better beans.
5. That same website could offer a same day delivery service since the beans are available in the coffee shops.
6. With increased demand from the website, coffee shops could increase the orders and get better margins.
7. The target market is interested in better coffee and might live far from the coffee shops or doesn’t have time to buy the beans.


I will start building this project. Give me your opinion and tell me if you want to help.

Posted on September 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm

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